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Large families can benefit from some aid in education, services and tax deduction

Large families can benefit from some aid in education, services and tax deduction

If the arrival of a baby causes expenses that are not always easy to face, the situation becomes more complicated when in the family there are other children. Although some of the accessories can be inherited, there are expenses such as diapers, hygiene products, medicines or daycare, which can not be avoided and can quite disrupt the family budget.

If the new child is the third child, or of two children one of the two has a disability greater than 33%, the family becomes a large family .

Large families are also formed by a parent with two children (when the other has died) and separated parents with three or more children, even if they are not in the same family unit.

Families with four children (or three if one of them has a disability) can qualify for the special large family category if the annual income (including extraordinary payments) divided by the number of members of the household does not exceed 75 percent of the IPREM.

As of the fifth child, the family is considered directly as a special family 


1. The title of Large Family

1. The title of Large Family

The first thing that must be done in order to be able to access assistance for large families is to obtain the title of large family , which is managed by the social services of the autonomous communities or town halls. In some cases, it can be done online with the ID of the parents, the Family Book or the birth certificate of the last child, the certificate of registration and two photos of the family.

Law 26/2015, on the Modification of the System for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, says that the title of a large family is valid until the young child reaches 21 years of age (it can be extended to 26 if he continues studying and depending economically on his parents) .

  • Before approving this Law, the title was lost as soon as the oldest son turned 21 (or 26 if he continued studying).
  • With the change, all siblings can benefit from discounts for large families up to that age.
  • However, older children lose their title when they reach legal age or have economic autonomy (they enter more than the minimum interprofessional salary).



Tax deduction for large family:

Large general families can deduct up to € 1,200 in the Income Statement or receive the money in advance by charging € 100 per month.

In large families of special category the deduction is 2,400 euros (200 euros per month in advance).

The advance payment is requested in the Tax Agency, with Model 143

In order to benefit from the deduction it is necessary that at least one of the parents be active in Social Security. The deduction also applies if unemployment or a pension is being charged.

Bonus to hire help at home:

Large families have a 45% bonus on Social Security contributions if they hire a person to take care of the children and the household. In this case, it is necessary that both parents work outside the home, unless the family is a special category.

Deduction in the registration tax:

Large families have a discount of up to 50% on the registration tax when buying a car from five to nine seats.

ID and free passport:

Members of large families do not have to pay the fees for issuing and renewing their ID and passport.

Discounts on transportation:

Large families have discounts of 20% or 50%, depending on whether they are of a general or special category, on bus services and RENFE, and up to 10% on domestic flights.

Discounts in education:

Children of large families have a 50% discount on educational fees, such as examination fees or university fees.

In addition, they have a higher score in the scales that are established for the scholarships of the administration or the admission in the schools.

Discounts on the electricity bill:

Large families can apply for the Social Bonus of electricity, which implies a 25% discount on consumption.

Improvements in leave for child care:

In general, during the leave of absence for childcare, the same job is reserved during the first year. In large families of general category it is reserved for 15 months and in special category families for 18 months.

Improvements in contributory pensions of mothers:

Since January 2016 there is a maternity supplement for retirement pensions, permanent disability and widowhood, depending on the number of children at a rate of 5% for 2 children; 10% for 3 children and 15% for 4 or more children.

2.2. Regional aid

In many localities or autonomous communities there are discounts on other services for domestic use, such as water (social rate of the Canal de Isabel II in Madrid), the Real Estate Tax (IBI), garbage, sports facilities, book aid … etc . It is convenient to consult it in the Social Services web of each region. In addition, there are discounts in cinemas, museums and some stores, thanks to the agreements that the Spanish Federation of Large Families is getting.




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