I want a mini credit now, to whom and why?

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The fast mini-credits were popularized in 2008 in Spain, at a time of economic crisis. Many families could not afford their expenses due to lack of liquidity. This caused a considerable reduction in the savings of our bank accounts. In this context many private equity companies took advantage of the business opportunity by offering small amounts of money with immediacy. With online loans we can request our mini credit of up to € 1,200, which will be paid to us in about 15 minutes . This financing system has been growing for years and the strong competition provides us with increasingly attractive offers.

The outstanding options to get an instant mini loan

We may find ourselves in a situation of lack of capital because we have come up with some unforeseen economic situation that we did not have and that we can not face now. We have broken something at home and we need money immediately to repair it. In order to solve these setbacks we can compare and study the options we show below:

Lender Max. Term Advantage I’m interested
Krédito24 € 750 7-30 days
  • Accepts ASNEF or similar
  • Supports extension
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That good € 900 1-30 days
  • Free advance payment
  • 10% discount: helpromo17
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Vivus € 1,000 7-30 days
  • First free mini-loan
  • Supports extension up to 30 days
  • Free advance refund
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CreditMas € 900 7-30 days
  • First mini-credit up to € 300 without interest
  • Supports extensions of up to 30 days
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MoneyMan € 1,200 5-120 days
  • 1 minute response
  • Possibility of requesting extensions
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If we compare between all these offers of mini credits, in some cases the interest is 0% APR if you reimburse it in the established term. With all of them we can receive the deposit in our account in a matter of 10-15 minutes .

Technology as the key to immediacy of our mini credit and

The speed of the minicréditos is due to the management, which is done online. The main difference with other classic methods of financing, is that it is not necessary any process of face-to-face documentation, which allows us privacy and time savings.

The technological advance has made it possible to obtain a loan quickly . The current application process is simple, we only have to fill out the form on the lender’s website and send the required documentation online. Once the private equity company has given its approval, we can enjoy the income in a few moments.

Should we request a mini-loan online?

Image result for onlineThe speed of online mini-credits is a fact, but at the time of the process where more calm is needed, it is at the time of assessing whether this option is the most appropriate for our case . So that we decide if the quick mini-credits are ideal to solve our lack of liquidity , we must study in what financial situation we are . First, it is necessary to analyze the required conditions and if we fulfill them. That is, if we have an economic setback that we did not have and can not afford now, requesting an immediate mini loan can be a solution . But, if we are not sure that we can refund the product in the term, it is better that we do not request it. We could fall into a higher debt that would aggravate our problem.

Finally, we would have to compare the offers of the different lenders to choose carefully which of them best fits our situation. Never forget to take our time to study and think about all the options we have . If we are already clear that a mini credit is already the most viable way to deal with our economic problems, let’s see if we fulfill the conditions and if so, we can choose an offer from the outstanding ones.