Multi – currency transaction account

Multicurrency transaction accounts allow you to make payments, payments and complete payment operations at home and abroad.

Citizens of the Republic of Croatia who are employed or resident abroad earn foreign exchange earnings. Croats who have worked for years in Austria, Slovenia, the USA, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and other countries are beneficiaries of foreign pensions.

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In the last year in Croatia there has been a trend of comparative decline in the number of employed and the number of unemployed citizens. At the same time, the decrease in the number of workers and citizens listed on the stock exchange most often indicates the expulsion of the working population from Croatia.

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Method of payment of foreign exchange earnings

Method of payment of foreign exchange earnings

Pensions earned on the basis of seniority in a foreign country are paid directly to the beneficiary at a Croatian commercial bank.

A multi-currency account allows the account holder and the additional account user to easily execute monetary transactions, regardless of the country of the owner and the additional account user.

Beneficiaries of foreign pensions upon their return to the Republic of Croatia should open a transaction account at one of the domestic commercial banks. In order for their seats to be credited to an account opened with a domestic bank, foreign pension beneficiaries are obliged to report the transaction account number and change of address to a foreign pension institution.

Citizens employed abroad receive their pay into an account opened with a foreign or domestic bank, and the choice is most often influenced by the employer.

With Croatia’s accession to the European Union, it is much easier for citizens to find work abroad. Although going to a foreign country is an uncertain start, citizens who have spent years on the job market are taking the difficult step.

Usually one member of the average Croatian family decides to work abroad or a delegation. It is common for a wife and children to continue working and living in Croatia. If the whole family lives abroad, after returning their retired parents to their native land, the children usually do not return with them to Croatia, but continue their life in a foreign country.

Transaction accounts for payment

Transaction accounts for payment

Transaction accounts serve to execute payment transactions such as payments, payments or transfers of funds.

Citizens’ accounts have traditionally been divided into current kuna accounts, current foreign currency accounts, gyro kuna accounts and gyro foreign currency accounts.

As of January 1, 2011, a single multicurrency account for individuals has been appearing in certain Croatian banks instead of separate categories of kuna and foreign currency current / giro accounts. The introduction of the multicurrency account is the result of Croatia’s accession to the European Union and the need to balance payment systems in all Member States.